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The 40 days before Easter is known as Lent.

This year it begins on the 17th February and ends on the 3rd April.

At this time of year, Christians remember an important event, when Jesus spent 40 days and nights in the wilderness.


Look at the PPTs and clips below to learn about what happened to Jesus in the desert.

During the pandemic, we have had to give up some of the things that we enjoy. 

Who would have thought a simple hug would become so precious?


Sometimes people try to give something up during Lent.

Can you think of anything you could try and give up during this time?

It might be something you spend too much time doing, like playing on your xbox?!

Or something that isn’t healthy for you, like too much chocolate?

I wonder what you will think of?

What could you do to help keep your promise?


Task- Complete one of the worksheets or both!