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Hindu Celebrations

Holi is a Hindu festival that marks the beginning of spring, usually in March. It is also known as the festival of colours and it nvolves bonfires, lots of coloured paint and baskets of flowers

It was originally celebrated in North India (where it is a national holiday) but is now celebrated in many parts of the world.

There is a story about Holi and why the Hindu people celebrate it.

The festival sounds great fun and involves water balloons, water guns and everyone chases each other with dry powder and coloured water!

Look at the PPTs about the story behind Holi and watch the clips of how Holi is celebrated.

CBeebies: Celebrating Holi - Let's Celebrate

Sumedh is celebrating Holi - Hindu festival of colour. Sumedh visits the temple with his family.Visit CBeebies at to find even ...

Task :

Complete the activity sheet about what colours mean to you.

Read about the legend of Prahlad and Holika.

Write a short story about good v evil. What would the moral of your story be?