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So that your Guided Reading is more similar to ours in school, we will be following a similar format to last week. 



Read through the text- City Life, Countryside Living. This is a text all about different types of settlements. 

Here are some questions for you to discuss as you read the text: 

What is the function of Dover referred to in the text?

What is the main difference between a city and a mega city?

What does settlement mean?

Why is Dover referred to as the gateway to Europe?

Which word in the caption below Crail suggests it is a beautiful place?

How does the use of subheadings help the reader?

How were cities identified in the past?

What do you think the author means by “your forever home”?

Why do you think a hamlet might appeal to older people?


Complete the following comprehension and retrieval questions: 




Find the definitions of these words (you could use a dictionary or a phone or tablet):

traditional, settlement, tourist and culture.


Look at the image below. Think of adjectives that you could use to describe the images that you see. 




Complete the investigation document that is attached below. Start by completing the sentences by selecting the correct option. Then move on to complete the table, identifying the location of the place, the type of settlement and the population. Finally, complete the true or false table. 


Once you have finished this, you should complete the key features table. Fill in the table by identifying the key features of the different types of settlements.




As usual, I have attached some more Pobble activities for those of you who are continuing with these.