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As this is our last week of school, it is a little bit shorter than our other weeks and you have a little less work to do! You should be really proud of how hard you have worked!



Read through the text all about penguins! You will learn all about different breeds of penguins.


Questions to discuss as you read:

Why has the writer put the information in boxes?

What do penguins use their wings for?

Do you think all penguins lay eggs?

Why do you think Emperor Penguins do not build a nest?

Which two penguins are the most similar?

Why do you think the Humboldt penguin is sometimes called a Peruvian penguin?

Why do you think chicks feathers are unsuitable for water?



Complete the table that is attached below. Tick the correct boxes and then you should be able to make some comparisons between the kinds of penguins!


Here are some videos you could watch for some extra penguin facts!

All About Penguins

* PENGUIN * | Animals For Kids | All Things Animal TV




Have a look at this image and answer the questions that are below. 



Once you have finished answering these questions, there are some investigation activities for you to complete.