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Complete the last two lessons on Demon Dentist from the Oak National Academy- to answer questions on the text (part 2) and to analyse the author's use of language. You should complete lesson 4 on Monday and lesson 5 on Tuesday. Click on the pictures below to take you to the right lesson. Play the videos and follow the instructions. Enjoy!










Brig O' Doon- There are three levels of challenge to complete for this comprehension. Read through the information all about the bridge in Scotland. Once you have read the information, complete the comprehension questions that are there. The answers are also attached so you could mark your work yourselves before sending it in to us- that way you can check where you have gone wrong and make any corrections before showing your teachers. Choose your level of challenge but don't just take the easy route!




Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge- This time, read through the information about the bridge in Northern Ireland. I think I would be a bit scared walking over this bridge! Again, once you have read through the information, answer the comprehension questions. The answers are there again for you to check your work yourself before sending it in.



Clifton Suspension Bridge- a long bridge in Bristol! This is your last comprehension about bridges. Once again, read through the information provided and answer the questions. Don't forget to pick the level of challenge that you normally would complete in school. Use the answers provided to go through your work before you send it in- no peeking though!