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This week and going forwards, in both English and Guided Reading, we are going to be looking at the book Charlotte's Web. The lessons will run alongside each other and there will be a lot of links between the two lessons so make sure you are completing everything that is asked of you! We don't mind whether you want to read the chapters as part of your "English" lesson or for "Guided Reading," as long as you have read them when you should have. Below is a PDF version of the book for you to use to read the chapters. Alternatively, you could listen to the chapters being read aloud to you on Youtube.


Wednesday – read Chapter 1 of Charlotte’s Web

Thursday – read Chapters 2 and 3 of Charlotte’s Web

Friday – read Chapter 4 of Charlotte’s Web


Charlotte's Web




Write your own book review


You can either write this about a book you are reading at the moment, or a book you have already read or even your favourite book! Below is a template for you to have a look at and to help you structure your review. 



What do you think the book will be about?


Have a look at the front cover of Charlotte's Web:



Write down anything you think or know about this book. You can base your ideas on the image on the front cover. Look at the colours, do they suggest anything? What can you tell about the girl by the front cover? Why are there animals on there? Look at the title, why is it written in that way? What does it suggest? 


Write a prediction about what you think will happen in this story!



Chapter 1


Before you do this lesson, you must have read chapter 1 of Charlotte's Web. You can either read it yourself (PDF copy attached at the top of the page) or listen to it being read aloud by clicking on the Youtube link. 


Once you have read chapter 1, answer the comprehension questions (same as the ones on the attached document):

1. Where is the story set?

2. How do you know? Use evidence from the text to support your answer.

3. Write down all of the words that give clues to the country the book is set in and write the UK definitions (eg pitcher - jug).

4. Do you think Fern is similar or different to her brother? Use examples from the text to back up your ideas.



Before you can complete this activity, you must have read chapters 3 and 4. If you haven't read them then please do so now. 


Today's activity is about the barn and all its smells! Why do you think the author chose to describe the barn in this way? Answer this question thinking about the impact it has on the reader. 


Then, use the description in the book to help you draw a picture of the barn and label the different parts.



Answer the comprehension questions attached. The answers for these questions are also provided so feel free to mark your answers before you send them in. They will help you to see where you have gone wrong or even help you to improve the answers you have already written.