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We are going to be continuing with Charlotte's Web for the next couple of weeks! I am so pleased that some of you have e-mailed to say that you are enjoying the story so far. If you have fallen behind a little bit, you will need to catch up with the story before you go any further!



Don't forget, you can either read the book (attached below in the PDF), or listen to it being read on YouTube. 



Monday 25th January


Read chapter 5 of Charlotte's Web and answer the following questions: 

Write your answers in full sentences on a piece of paper.



Tuesday 26th January


This time, read through chapter 6 and answer the following questions:

(same as yesterday, answer in full sentences)



Challenge: This chapter describes a perfect summer. Can you write your own poem to describe a perfect summer?


Wednesday 27th January 


Read chapters 7 and 8 of Charlotte's Web.

In chapter 7, Wilbur receives some bad news which Charlotte tells him not to worry about. She seems particularly calm. Write a paragraph explaining what you think she is going to do.



Thursday 28th January


Read chapter 9 of Charlotte's Web. 


Your task for today is to write a summary about chapter 9. Your summary should give an overview of what happened in chapter 9. Try to aim for as close to 100 words as possible!


Friday 29th January


Read chapter 10 of Charlotte's Web. 


In this chapter, Fern and Avery spend their morning exploring the Zuckerman's farm and playing on the rope swing. Avery catches a frog that he proceeds to carry around. When Fern decides to go visit Wilbur, Avery tags along. Avery often tries to do the right thing, but he can be reckless and wild.


If Avery was in your class, do you think he’d be a good friend?


Write three paragraphs; one paragraph describing how he would be a good friend and one paragraph explaining how he would not be a good friend. Then, write a conclusion giving an overall statement stating whether you think Avery would be a friend of yours or not.