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We are looking at the text ‘Skellig’ this week, you are only looking at an extract from it.

Today you are going to find the definitions of some of the words that are in the text that you might not be sure of, very much like what we do at school!

Once you’ve found the definitions, write them into a sentence so that we really know that you understand what these words mean.



Read the extract, if you aren’t sure of any other words in the text this is your chance to research them. What do you think about the text so far?



Retrieval questions – you will need to look back at the text for the answer for these, think carefully about what retrieval means.


These questions are a little bit trickier, they require a lot more thought. Make sure you answer in full sentences.



We’ve got a couple of tasks for you today.

Task 1 – Summarise the extract.

Task 2 – Would you want to read the rest of this book? Why? Why not?