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We are going to be continuing with Charlotte's Web! I am so pleased that some of you have e-mailed to say that you are enjoying the story so far. If you have fallen behind a little bit, you will need to catch up with the story before you go any further!



Don't forget, you can either read the book (attached below in the PDF), or listen to it being read on YouTube. 


Monday 1st February


Read chapter 11 of Charlotte's Web. 


Answer the following questions:

1. What does Lurvy notice about the web?

2. Why do Mr Zuckerman and Lurvy tremble?

3. What is Mr Zuckerman’s first name?

4. How do Mr Zuckerman and Lurvy feel about Wilbur? Do you think this has anything to do with Charlotte’s web? 

5. Why is Avery sent to bed without supper?

6. How does Charlotte feel about all the visitors at the farm? How would you feel if you were in this situation?

7. If you heard a rumour about a wondrous pig, would you go to visit it? Why?


The questions are attached on the document for those of you who want to print them off before answering! smiley

Tuesday 2nd February


Read chapter 12 of Charlotte's Web. 


Answer the following questions. Again, they are attached below for those who prefer to print (or type!) your answers.


1. Which of the animals is missing during roll call?

2. Charlotte says that her message has been ‘well received’. What does this mean, do you think?

3. What is Templeton’s attitude towards the meeting?

4. Do you think Templeton really cares about Wilbur? Why?

5. What slogan would you write on Charlotte’s web? Why? 

6. Charlotte says that Wilbur is ‘terrific’ and ‘sensational’. What adjectives would you use to describe your best friend?

Wednesday 3rd February


Read chapter 13 of Charlotte’s Web and answer the following questions: 


1. What did Charlotte’s web look like when she was finished ripping things out?

2. Have you ever talked to yourself while you were doing something or thinking about something? Describe the situation.

3. How did Wilbur’s conditions in the barn change because of his fame?

4. Why do you think Wilbur liked to hear Charlotte tell him stories?


Thursday 4th January


Read Chapter 14 of Charlotte’s Web.


In this chapter, Fern tells her mother more about her friends in the barn. Her mother is very concerned. Mrs. Arable goes to talk to the doctor about Fern because she is very worried. Dr. Dorian tells her that Fern is just fine. This chapter makes us think about friendship.

Have you ever had a time in school or out of school where your friends have changed? Or have you had a neighbour you grew up with and your friendship slowly faded over time? Why does that happen? How does it make you feel? Do you think you should be friends with someone for life or a short time? Write a paragraph about friendship with the title, “Should we be friends with someone for life or not?” Discuss the pros and cons and say your opinion.

Friday 5th January


Read Chapter 15 of Charlotte’s Web.


Wilbur is starting to get a bit of a reputation… With this in mind, consider this question, “If you were to become famous, would you change as a person?"

What would be important to you? Write one paragraph about what or how you think you would change and why, one paragraph about what would still be important to you (regardless of fame) and one concluding paragraph stating whether it would be worth being famous or not.