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We are going to be looking at a variety of different extracts from books as this might give you some other ideas for books to read!

This week we are looking at ‘Kick’ by Mitch Johnson. The questions you have will be about both Chapter 1 & 2.



Budi's plan is simple. He's going to be a star. Budi's going to play for the greatest team on earth, instead of sweating over each stitch he sews, each football boot he makes. But one unlucky kick brings Budi's world crashing down. Now he owes the Dragon, the most dangerous man in Jakarta. Soon it isn't only Budi's dreams at stake, but his life. A story about dreaming big, about hope and heroes, and never letting anything stand in your way.



Today’s job is to read the first two Chapters of Kick. I hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday – Vocabulary questions



You will need to refer back to the text for some of these questions and for the others you might need to use a dictionary if you aren’t 100% sure on the meanings of words. You could also use the context of the sentence to help you with your definitions.  Remember, the questions are about both chapters.

Wednesday – Infer questions



You will need to use the text to support your answers for these questions, remember to think carefully about your answers. They are a bit trickier!

Thursday – Retrieve questions



The nicest questions! Again, you will need the text to help you find these answers, all of the answers for these questions are in the text so if you can’t find it straight away, you need to look a bit more!

Friday – Explain questions


These questions may require you to use the text to support your answer. The answers to these may also not just be a simple sentence, when you are asked to explain you need to expand on your ideas a bit more than you usually would.