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Make sure you are all caught up to speed with Charlotte's Web. We are carrying on with this this week and after half term too!



Don't forget, you can either read the book (attached below in the PDF), or listen to it being read on YouTube. 


Monday 8th February


Chapter 16


Read chapter 16 of Charlotte's Web. 


In Chapter 16 of Charlotte's Web, everyone goes to bed early the night before the fair, including the animals, dreaming of what they hope to experience. They all have vivid dreams that night. Split a piece of paper in to four and draw a picture of Fern, Avery, Mrs Zuckerman and Mr Zuckerman with thought bubbles coming out of their heads illustrating what they dreamt about.


Tuesday 9th February


Chapter 16 comprehension 


Answer these questions using chapter 16, which you read yesterday. Make sure you answer the questions in full sentences (for example, question 1 will read The night before the fair, Avery dreamt of ….)


1. What does Avery dream about the night before the fair?

2. What is written on Wilbur’s crate?

3. What does Mrs Zuckerman use to bathe Wilbur?

4. Why does Wilbur struggle when walking into the crate?

5. What causes Wilbur to faint?

6. What do you think of Avery’s treatment of Wilbur? Is he kind to animals? Why do you think so?

Wednesday 10th February


Chapter 17


Read chapter 17 of Charlotte's Web and answer the following questions based on the chapter:


1. What does Charlotte see in the pen next to Wilbur’s?

2. What does Charlotte think of Uncle’s personality?

3. Explain what the word ‘listless’ means?

4. What does Lurvy do with the blanket?

5. Describe Wilbur’s mood when he hears that Charlotte is unwell.

Thursday 11th February




In Chapter 17, Charlotte goes to the fair because she knows Wilbur needs her.


1. Do you think people should support their friends when they are in trouble? Why? Write a paragraph about a time when you have helped a friend who was in trouble or when a friend helped you.


2. Find some vocabulary (unfamiliar words) in this chapter (or previous chapters), make a list of them and then use a dictionary to find the definitions of the words (if you don’t have a dictionary at home, you could use an online dictionary).

Friday 12th February


Joint English and Guided Reading!!


As today is the last day of the half term, we thought you might enjoy a little treat - to watch the film of Charlotte’s Web!

We know you still haven’t finished the book yet but you will be doing some work after half term to compare the book to the film.


The film is available on Netflix and Amazon Prime so if you have access to either of those, watch it on there.


If not, another version of the film is available (for free) on YouTube: