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This week we are going to be looking at a book called 'The Graveyard Book' by Neil Gaiman. I've read this book before and I thoroughly enjoyed it, a bit of a spooky one! 

Have a look at the front of the book below & the blurb. I hope you enjoy it! 





Your first task this week is vocabulary, there are a few words in this text that are a little bit tricky and words you may not have come across before. Remember you can use the text to support your understanding of the words but you are able to use a dictionary. 



Today's task is to read the start of The Graveyard Book. It's important to read it and pay close attention to the text, try to pick up on the key things that have happened as these will help you with your questions! 

If you want to hear the audio version of the book, click on the picture below and it'll take you to the audiobook version, it's being read by the author himself! 




Time to answer some questions based on the text. 

The questions today are a lot of retrieval questions, making sure you use the text to find your answers. You also have one explain question, make sure you use evidence from the text to support your answer with this question. Always answer in full sentences!



Time to answer some more questions based on the text, these are a little bit trickier as there are more inference questions today with some retrieval questions too. Remember the inference ones you need to think about a little bit more. Always answer in full sentences! 



In the text that you have read, you've been introduced to a couple of different characters. For today's task we would like you to write a paragraph about the Man Jack, Silas and Mrs Owens.

You need to refer back to the text to support your paragraphs, think about appearance, actions and any clues to their character.