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Guided Reading


This week we are reading about Alice in Wonderland to link to our topic of Potions. If you have the book at home why not have a go at reading it during our time away from school or you can read it online at


The Jar Wizard

  • Read this description of The Jar Wizard, written by Sean Andrew Murray himself:

    He held many secrets in those enchanted jars of his: mysterious crystals, odd nick-knacks from unknown cultures, ancient coins from civilizations long dead, and the preserved remains of creatures believed to be long extinct. But there was one jar, smaller and rounder than the rest, that contained a dark liquid that he seemed most proud of. “This,” he said with an unsettling gleam in his eye, “is the blood of one of the Original Fish, the creators of all magic. I pray I never have cause to use it….”

  • Have you learnt anything else about The Jar Wizard?
  • What happens if he uses the blood of one of the Original Fish?
  • What does ‘I pray I never have cause to use it…’ mean? What does it tell you about the substance?


Have a go at drawing your own Jar Wizard.