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As you know, we have now finished our book; Ancient Egypt, Tales of Gods and Pharaohs. This week, you will find a reading comprehension with questions just like you would normally have in school.


First, read through the text, The Mystery of the Colour Thief. You will find some retrieval questions, inference questions, choice questions and an extra challenge!


As usual, I have attached some more Pobble activities for this week- there are two pictures that I particularly love!! Can you guess which two??


There are two more reading activities. One is vocabulary based- choose five unfamiliar words from the last text that you read. Find the definition for these words and then write them in a sentence. The second activity is to write a review for the last book you read!


Don't forget, you don't need to print off all of the sheets if you cannot do so- just write your answers on some paper. Of course, you can print them off if you want to or you can. Use what you have to help you do your work- you don't need to have a dictionary to find out the definitions!


Remember to email if you need any help or to show us what you have done. laugh