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  • Daily – Keep a log of what books you read. How many different books can you read?


  • Share books together with your family:

-Talk about what happens in the story and answer key questions.

-Write a book review about your favourite book in your homework book. What happens in the story? Which is your favourite part?

Read Write Inc.




If you are unsure what set your child should be learning have a look below. Hopefully the children will either remember their colour group or their teacher. If not send me an email and I will let you know. 


Set 1

Green Group (Mrs Bruce’s Group)


Set 2 and Set 3

Pink Group (Miss Proctor’s Group)

Orange Group (Mrs Parkes’ Group)


Set 3

Yellow Group (Miss Stokes’ Group)

Blue Group (Mrs Barker’s Group)



Read Write Inc Timetable of Sounds