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For Guided Reading this week, you have another comprehension- Spirit by Sally Christie. Like normal, you will find some retrieval, inference and choice questions as well as an extra challenge question. The questions are similar to what you are used to. Read through the text before answering the questions. There are no vocabulary questions this week, but if you find some vocabulary you are unsure of, make sure you discuss it with your grown up, or find out the definition yourself!


There are five more sets of Pobble sheets attached. As usual, look at the picture, discuss the questions and read the story starter before you move on! 


Just for something extra, click on this image below to learn all sorts of Mayan facts! 



You can click on the different topics to learn more! Some will take you to a new page of information too. 

Have a think about why the page is set out how it is. How does it differ from your usual book? What kind of layout do you prefer? Why? Can you think of some advantages and disadvantages of setting a text out like this?


Have a little look and a read, some of this information will be very useful over the coming weeks!