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Start by discussing and answering the questions given. There are them some words given for you to find out the definition for. Some of them, you might be able to work out by discussing them with people at home! If not, you could use a dictionary or the internet to find out the meanings. For the next four questions, you should choose the correct word that shares a similar meaning to the word given. Finally, there are a few more questions for you to answer that are a bit more grammar based! 

Don't forget to email any work to us! Remember, you do not need to print the work to be able to complete it! 


For some extra reading for those of you who would like some more, you will find an article all about how the UK has not used coal power for two months! This is really significant as we have sometimes relied quite heavily on using fossil fuels and non renewable energy! If you can think all the way back to Year 4, we did learn about renewable energies! Can you remember what we looked at? I will be even more impressed if you can remember the word that we focussed on, beginning with 's'- why do we use renewable energy? Why is it better than fossil fuels!? Ask your grown ups to send an email if you think you can remember the word! 


Anyway, have a read through this article. There are some questions for you to complete too- and the answers are provided!