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Red Squirrels - Yr 4

Welcome to Year 4.

Welcome back, we hope you've had a great summer - we certainly enjoyed the chance to recharge our batteries!

We are the Red Squirrels class. There are 30 lively squirrels in our class! Mrs Martin is our teacher and Mrs Barker is our teaching assistant. We're really pleased we have Mrs Barker this year, as she knows the children really well from last year.

Our  door is always open and we are more than happy to meet with you to discuss any concerns you may have. Please feel free to pop in and introduce yourselves or come for a chat at the end of the day. 

Please see the attached newsletter for details of PE sessions, homework, guitar lessons and the whole school reading challenge.



Summer term

Welcome back - hope you had a fabulous Easter break, despite the gloomy weather!

Please see the attached newsletter to learn about our plans for this term.


Grab your wet suit – we’re going deep into an underwater world of incredible coral and mysterious sea creatures! Flippers on? Snorkel at the ready? Let's head into the Blue Abyss .....

Summer Homework

The new homework activities are popular this term. The shoe box aquarium is a particular favourite. They're all so different.

Who said there was a Royal Wedding?!

Alien Maths

To finish off our work on co ordinates in Maths this week. We followed some quite complicated instructions plotting co ordinates on a large grid to make alien masks.

We did this independently and then 'customised' them!! It was great fun.

Art with Mrs Barker!

We looked at the beautiful art work of Vincent Scarpace and designed our own fish using his techniques.

We also made our own sea creatures using a special plasticine which needed to be baked in the oven!

Aren't they great?!

2D Shape Investigation

As part of our work on 2D shape in Maths this week, we all really enjoyed problem solving and investigating. We had to find different ways of using six equilateral triangles to make other shapes.

We had to find a quadrilateral, a regular hexagon, an irregular hexagon and a heptagon. We found lots of different combinations.


What a fantastic time we had away in beautiful Norfolk. Even though the weather was a little on the wet and chilly side , we all had a brilliant time.

The staff were really impressed with the behaviour of the children. We were even more impressed that they all slept really well through the night!

Well done Year 4.

Enjoy the photos!

Fun in the rain!

Eyes down for a full house

Rob from The National Trust had lots of exciting activities for us all.

Seal spotting

The Sheringham Shantymen

Still image for this video

Who stole the jewels?

Something fishy is going on!

For our'WOW' lesson to introduce the new topic 'Blue Abyss', Mrs Barker ( very bravely) agreed to let the children carry out observational drawings of real life fish in her art lesson! 

We had a real array  - mackerel - sea bass - sardines - sprats and squid. What a stink!

The children drew some amazing sketches, along with many excited squeals!! Some even got the gloves on and dared to touch them. 



Pirates versus Mermaids

Year 3/4 production

Heave-ho and away we go on a fantastic musical journey, where the seven seas just aren’t big enough for our pirates and mermaids! 

Filled with catch-of-the-day fresh songs - the boys will show off their swaggers and the girls will sparkle – so hoist the sail and come aboard!

The first performance went really well this afternoon. You all looked like you were enjoying yourselves and we could hear every word! Well done to all - some very sassy mermaids and ferocious pirates!!

Sports Relief 2018



We had a great day today raising money for Sports Relief. We all came dressed in our sporty gear , had a cake sale, took part in a circuit session with Mr Betts and then ran four times around a circuit of the field and playground. Some of the parents joined their children on the fun run and some even came in fancy dress!






Sporty Squirrels!

Circus Day  

What an exciting day we had yesterday. It was so lovely looking at all the excited faces of the children arriving in the playground - the costumes were 'out of this world!'

Mrs Barker had created a huge 'circus lion' to greet us outside our classes. It was amazing! (she's so clever!)

We started the day off with a book quiz and a trail around school to find anagrams of book titles, that were hidden in displays.

Then we went to our very own Big Top, that was pitched on our school field. We met Captain Sensible, who taught us how to balance peacock feathers on our hands, elbows and even our noses!

We then had a go at some circus skills ourselves. We tried juggling with scarves, walking on stilts, making beautiful patterns in the air with ribbons on sticks and hoola hooping. It was great fun!

In the afternoon we went into The Big Top for a performance. Charlie was the assistant and managed to spin lots of plates on his hat! He was awesome.

It was a brilliant day and the behaviour was exceptional. Well done little squirrels!



Kinetic Theatre Company

The Kinetic Theatre company came to visit us. KS2 learnt about different science concepts through drama, song and dance. We learnt about shadows, the water cycle and the planets in the solar system. We also had a visit from a dalek! All great fun and we learnt a lot! Mr Good even had to demonstrate being a 'tree'!

Grant Koper came to visit.

This morning we had a visit from the author Grant Koper. He came to chat to us in assembly and read his new book to us - 'The day Granny's knickers blew away!'

It was very funny and we all enjoyed listening to him read it aloud with lots of expression!

Some of us bought his book and he signed the copy for us. 


A lovely reply from the Flying Officer at Waddington, thanking us for our letters at christmas

Matt Elsey's trip to Kilimanjaro

To start our exciting topic about mountains, we were lucky enough to have Matt Elsey visit our year group and tell us all about his journey up to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro ( raising £12,000 for Beaumond House in the process)

He showed us lots of photos of his adventure and also brought in some of the equipment he used. We all learnt so much about what it would be like to climb this huge mountain.

Thank you Matt.

Mrs Barker wrote lots of notes. Please see below to read all about his journey.

Fractions of Smarties

We enjoyed using Smarties in our Maths lesson today. We tried estimating how many would be in the box first. We sorted and recorded our findings on a frequency chart using a tally. We then found fractions of amounts. The best bit came at the end, when we could eat them all!

Spring term 2018

Welcome back. We hope you had a lovely Christmas break. Thank you very much for our presents at the end of last term. We really appreciate your generosity! 

Please see below our Spring newsletter telling you all about the new exiting topics for the term.


Please use the link below to practise your tables ready for the whole school challenge.

A great start to 2018!

Well done little squirrels.

We have kicked off the new year with two awards.

Tidiest classroom award and 100% attendance. Congratulations. Keep it up!

Owen with our attendance cup!

NHS reply

We had a lovely post on Facebook from the staff at the hospital, saying how much they appreciated our letters. 


Well done to Mia for winning cinema tickets for 100% attendance. 

Congratulations to Chloe for winning the KS2 prize in the school council's christmas picture competition.

Congratulations to Red Squirrels for coming second in attendance - gaining 97%.

Well done to all.

Christmas Craft afternoon

Wow! What a well supported and busy afternoon we had today. I don't think I've ever had such a busy one! It was a bit of a squash in our classroom!

We had lots of fun making Santa's, reindeers, calendars, snowmen and much more. There was a really happy atmosphere.Thanks to everyone for joining us.

Our Santa Cam noticed you were all really well behaved!!

Have a great Christmas everyone!

Thank you Sainsbury's and Jack Kirk's Mum!!

Our classrooms and the KS1 hall looked extra special this year, thanks to the kind donation from Sainsbury's. We loved all the huge presents and sparkles! Thank you.

Magnus Swing Band

Today we had a visit from the Magnus Swing Band. They were brilliant and had us all clapping, smiling and 'doing the twist!'

They played lots of Christmas songs that we could sing along to and even performed their own version of Jack and the Beanstalk. It was very funny! What a Christmas treat!

We appreciate you!

Today we watched the Sainsbury's Christmas advert about peace on the war front on Christmas Day in World War One.

It made us think about soldiers who may have to be on duty on Christmas Day.

We thought about all the people that will probably have to be working this year on Christmas Day to help others -  ambulance crew, doctors/nurses, care workers, firefighters, Police, soldiers, hotel staff, prison officers and many more.

We wrote and sent letters to these people thanking them for giving up their precious time to help care for others.


Christmas Dates for your diary!

Lift the flap books!

Mrs Barker has had a busy term making these amazing body books with the children. Each layer shows the muscles, the bones and then the digestive system. Aren't they great?

Virtual TShirt - bringing learning to life!

We were absolutely amazed by this fantastic T- Shirt!

As we have been learning about the names of our internal organs and their functions - this T- Shirt brought it all to life for us.

Brandon put it on and Mrs Martin downloaded the app. We then used the ipad to focus on the T- shirt and suddenly it all popped up on the screen. We could see the heart pumping, the intestines, the rib cage and lungs. It was so exciting! We could then go inside the heart and then even further again to see the red and white blood cells!



We have been learning about the different types of teeth and their functions. For homework we designed posters on how to look after our precious teeth.

We set up an experiment to look at the effects of different liquids on our teeth. We used egg shells to act like our teeth. We placed the shells in water, milk, vinegar, fresh orange juice and coca cola and left them there for a week. 

Our classrooms did start to smell and we were glad to get rid of the beakers by Friday!

 We found out that water was definitely the best fluid to drink, as the egg shell stayed the same. The vinegar , coca cola and orange juice all cracked and stained the egg shell. The liquids were either acidic or contained sugar. It made us think about what we drink and how it can affect our teeth.

Elf on the shelf!

Teya bought Eric the elf in to see us today. She said he was a naughty elf, but he was good as gold all morning. When we came back after lunch, we couldn't find him!

We suddenly spotted him. What a mischievous little elf!

Anti bullying week

We learnt about the different types of bullying this week. We particularly focused on cyber bullying, as some of us have mobiles, tablets and play games on line. We learnt how to keep ourselves safe online by never giving out our names or addresses or arranging to meet people. We also learnt that we can report, block or delete a person from a game if we are not comfortable. But most importantly, we learnt that we must always tell an adult that we trust 

We enjoyed designing anti bullying posters with powerful messages.

Children in Need Day

We had a brilliant day today raising money for Children in Need. We all came dressed in spots or Pudsey outfits and ears! We even had a twirl to show off our outfits in assembly!

Then throughout the day, we made Pudsey biscuits, put pennies on a giant Pudsey face and entered into a raffle draw to win a Pudsey bear.

Our whole class won the Hall of Fame award for our outstanding behaviour at the Stem day at The Magnus. Well done little squirrels!

Stem Day at The Magnus Church of England Academy

What a fantastic day we had on Tuesday!

We had a brisk walk down to The Magnus and when we got there, we were split into three groups. 

We had  4 different activities:

  • Build a bridge that can hold a bag of coins.
  • Build a structure that will protect an egg when it drops out of the second floor window!
  • Measure the speed of a paper aeroplane.
  • Make predictions about balloon rockets.

We had time for breaks and lunch and enjoyed being at a secondary school. We all thought it was a lovely school.

At the end of the day, it was award time and children received medals.

The teachers commented on our children's excellent behaviour, enthusiasm and manners. Mr Good, Mrs Barker and myself were extremely proud of our children. They were all fantastic ambassadors for our school.  Well done.

Inverted Commas

We have been learning how to punctuate speech with inverted commas ( speech marks).

First, we role played a conversation between the two main characters in our class book. Then we wrote our conversations down on strips of paper and then we added the correct punctuation. We enjoyed reading our conversations out loud.



We used lolly pop sticks in our investigation to practice dividing. We made squares when dividing by 4 and triangles when dividing by 3. It was fun and we liked spotting the different patterns.


This year, as a school,  we decided to try something different with homework.

Each year group has designed 9 creative homework activities that can be completed in any order each week.

Our activities tied in with our class novel - Charlotte's Web and our topic on Potions. The activities ranged from covering our homework books, making a spiders web, designing and making magical potions, fact files on spiders webs and much more. 

The children have been so enthusiastic about their homework and have been really proud to show off their work. (It has also been great to see all the adults getting involved with the shared projects too! ) Thanks!


Look at some of the amazing work in the photos below. 

Get ready for a new set of activities this term,  related to our science topic on bodies. Can't wait to see what will arrive in the classroom each week!

Creative homework fun!

Apostrophes !

 In our grammar lesson this morning, we learnt how to use apostrophes in contractions.

We found out that two words can be shortened to one and the apostrophe goes where the letter is missed out or 'omitted' 

We made some contraction fans and had fun testing each other.

Hurray - we won the tidiest classroom last ! Tigger has come to visit!

Guitar lessons are going well. Keep practicing!

Charlotte's Web

We have been so busy in our Literacy lessons these last few weeks. We are really enjoying studying the book Charlotte's Web.

We had some really interesting discussions about whether Mr Arable should kill the baby pig because it was a runt or not. All of us were glad when the little pig was saved, but we wrote some really powerful balanced arguments exploring both sides of the debate.

This week we have been writing in role as Wilbur the pig. We wrote a diary entry about his day on the farm. We had some great descriptions of him rolling in the mud!

We're looking forward to seeing what will happen next in the story.


We had another exciting science lesson this week testing the properties of liquids. We set up a ramp and poured different liquids down them and timed how long they took to reach the bottom. We tested : syrup, custard, ketchup, water, vinegar and cooking oil.

We found out that different liquids have different properties and not all liquids are the same. Some are thin and flow easily- these have a low viscosity. Others are thick and gooey and have a high viscosity. It was fun!

Here we are making our predictions of what we think will happen.

Year 4 expectation meeting

Thank you to the parents that attended the meeting on Friday. We hope you found it useful. We really appreciate your support.

For those of you who were unable to make it- you might find the powerpoint attached below useful.

Year 4 curriculum overview

Autumn newsletter


We had a really exciting lesson to start our topic on potions. We carried out a variety of experiments. One experiment we used bicarbonate of soda and lemonade and watched the mixture effervesce as the gas escaped. 

When we added cooking oil to the mixture , we noticed that the mixture separated and the oil formed a layer on the top ( it reminded us of lava lamps!) 

Then for the really exciting last experiment, we all had to go outside.

Mr Good filled a big bottle with vinegar and then added bicarbonate of soda. It was amazing watching the mixture bubble and foam and eventually topple over the top of the jar like a volcano! It was very smelly too!

We had so much fun!

Here are some of the comments the children wrote on 'post its' afterwards!

"It was amazing, exciting and interesting!"

"It was like a chemistry lesson - I learnt loads"

"It was amazing when it exploded - it was a very strong smell!"

" It was my favourite part of Year 4 so far, I was a bit scared when the vinegar bubbled up!"

"It was so bubbly and exciting!"

Raffle ticket winners

Congratulations to Aden Baldwin and Jayden Coulter for being the first children to be picked out of the raffle ticket star jar this week. 

Far Four Readers

Well done Red Squirrels. We managed to achieve 62% on the school league table. That was 18 out of the 29 of our class managing to read at home four times last week. Well done guys. We came joint third with the Otters.

Come on  - lets get reading this week and move up the league table!


Last week,the children that wanted to stand for school council discussed their manifestos with us. I have to say I was impressed with each and everyone of you, it takes a lot of courage to stand up in front of the class and speak on your own.

We then went to the polling station to cast our votes on ballot papers.

After the votes were counted and verified , I am pleased to announce our school councillor for the Red Squirrels is Charlotte Bailey , supported by her deputy Jayden Coulter. 

Congratulations to you both.

Our exciting new science topic this term is Potions.

Potion: a poison, a mixture, an aromatic brew, a vapour, a liquid or a sticky goo.

Welcome to the amazing magical world of potions and their properties.

Use what you know about materials and their properties to create incredible potions. 


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