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School Council

Welcome to the new school council of 2019

The new team have been voted in by their classmates and what a keen bunch they are!

I'm looking forward to working with them this year.

Our first meeting was an important one, as we had to discuss new treats for attendance rewards. The children will discuss this with their classes next week.

Mrs Martin

Ofsted rated GOOD! March 2019

We even got a mention in the Ofsted Report. Well done to all the school councillors!


"Pupils embrace opportunities to take on extra responsibilities. For example, the play buddies, peer mentors and school prefects provide positive, aspirational role models and carry out their duties with pride.

In discussion, pupils also praised the school council representatives, saying that they felt able to approach them in the case of any worries or concerns."

Governor attends our meeting (March 2019)

This week we welcomed Sue Angood to our meeting, who had lots of questions for us about safety at school.  Sue was very impressed with your answers and was delighted to hear that you felt very safe at school and would know what to do if you didn't feel safe or were worried about something. Well done to the council for such a super discussion.

Litter pick

This week we went out and about and decided to have a litter pick on both playgrounds. We managed to half fill a bin bag with rubbish!

We are looking into getting a compost bin on the yard, to help recycle our fruit cores from snacks at break.

Recycle with Michael

The School Council organised this event, run by the Salvation Army. We sent a letter home over half term, asking everyone to search through their wardrobes to see if they had any old shoes and clothes that could be recycled. We had lots of bags delivered to school after half term. Thank you for your support everyone.

Congratulations to the winners of the School Council Christmas Competition

New positions issued - November.

At our meeting this week - we were all given a specific role within the council. We now have:

  • Attendance officer.
  • Secretary.
  • Health and Safety officer.
  • Finance/ budget officers
  • Advertising team.

New School Council 2018

The new School Council have made a great start to the year. They are a very enthusiastic team of children and I have been really impressed with their punctuality and attendance so far. They are organised and have been excellent at discussing issues with their classes and feeding back at meetings. Well done everyone.

One of our first jobs was to ask our classes for new ideas for prizes for 100% Fab 4. We came up with a variety of ideas, which we passed on to Mrs Howes.

Christmas Competitions Announced!

Please see document below giving details of the new competitions this year.

Big Battery Hunt Competition  2018

The school council organised this fun initiative for the school We talked abut battery recycling in a whole school assembly.We were amazed to find out that a battery takes 100 years to decompose. We also found out that batteries can be recycled into metal skyscrapers and parts of a racing car engine.

Each class set to work and put their collected batteries in the special battery container.

We had a final count up before the end of term and we had an amazing total of 

£5067 batteries!! Wow well done to everyone.

Welcome to the new School Council of 2017

Congratulations to you all!

We had our first meeting last week where we met each other and introduced ourselves. I have to say you seem a really keen and enthusiastic bunch - I think we are going to have a busy year!

Mrs Mole also attended our first meeting to ask us to start our first important job. We had to go back to our classes and ask for ideas for rewards for the attendance stars. These range from 6 stars to 24 stars, so we had to think of small prizes and then some really awesome prizes.

When we met again this week, we had all sorts of ideas ranging from: small gifts, fidget spinners and free toast, to a trip to Twin Lakes,  a cinema night with popcorn and even lunch in the staff room with the teachers serving!! ( Not sure about that one!)

We have forwarded all our thoughts and ideas to Mrs Mole. We will keep you updated with the results!

Mrs Martin

The final decisions. Looks exciting!

Meeiting our link governor.

This week Mrs Kirsty Edwards came to our meeting. We introduced ourselves and told her all about the things we have achieved this term already. She was impressed!

We interviewed her and found out that she has two children at our school and actually came to the school herself! She is hoping to come again and will be on the look out for activities and initiatives that we can get involved with in the local community.

Spring 2018 January

At this weeks meeting, we discussed ways of saving energy in our school. We suggested that teachers choose monitors to ensure that lights are switched off when the classroom is not being used.  We also talked about making sure taps were not left running and overhead projectors were turned off when not in use.

We also discussed making sure the recycling bins are used correctly.

We also arranged a book amnesty this week

Our Christmas competition. See below

New playground equipment ( 10.10.17 )


This week our task is to discuss with our class, ideas for new equipment to play with at play times.

We make a small profit from selling toast at morning break and this has amounted to quite a substantial amount.

We are really looking forward to getting together, looking at catalogues and buying some brand new equipment for our school. How exciting!

Update!  17.10.17

We met today and had a very lively meeting, sharing all the ideas that our classes had come up with. Here are some of the ideas :

Sponge footballs

Badminton sets

Hoola hoops

Pogo sticks

Table tennis sets

Ten pin bowling set

Sticky hand balls


Speed ladders

Skipping ropes

Mini football goals

Sponge footballs/ Pumps


Yoyo elastic balls.

Bean bags

Swing ball

Tennis things - bats and balls.

Big whiteboard to draw in

Chalks to draw with

Pool table

Block stilts


Space hoppers

Soft tarmac area

Race track painted on the floor for KS2

Bigger shed to store equipment!


We will let you know what we decide to buy!




The equipment has arrived ! January 2018

We ordered nearly all of the equipment that was requested by the children.

It has now arrived and is being organised and labelled ready for use on the yard.

Mr Betts said that a new piece of equipment will come out each week.

I wonder what it will be this week?

Introducing the new School Council 2016!

Congratulations to all the children that were elected from each year group. We had our first introductory meeting this week and what a super bunch you all are.  I'm really looking forward to working with you this year.


Our first item on the agenda to discuss was the new raffle ticket reward system. The children had already discussed this with their class and came with lots of ideas. 


Each week a child will be picked out of the raffle ticket jar from each class and can then choose from our list of treats. Please see the attached document. 

Next week  some of the councillors will be given specific roles , such as health and safety rep, advertiser, treasurer and secretary. 

Keep checking our page to see what we're discussing this term.Thanks

Mrs Martin.

Christmas Picture Competition

We have been inundated with entries for this competition with over 200 hundred entries.

The school council met together today and made the very difficult decision to select two winners from each key stage.

The winners will be announced in assembly on Monday.

Christmas Jumper Competition

The School Council have arranged for the school to take part in the 'Wear a Christmas Jumper' day on the last day of term. The money raised will go towards the Save the Children charity.

Gardening team in action!

I had a great gang of children working with me today to help tidy up the 'Peace Garden'. It was so overgrown -we needed to get our gardening gloves on and work hard to sort it. What a shame we didn't take a before and after photo!
Here it is looking much better - we just need to buy a few shrubs to brighten up the gaps! Well done team!

Mrs Martin.

Busy November meeting today!

We had a great meeting today and got through lots on our agenda. Here are some of the things we discussed, which the councillors will be taking back to their classes:

  • Should we support the 'Wear a Christmas Jumper Day' again this year in aid of Save the Children?.
  • ​Would a School Council box be a good idea underneath our notice board, where people can post questions or make suggestions?
  • A reminder to everyone to put the correct waste in their blue bins or recycling bin.


Our treasurer is going to meet up with Mrs Wilkinson (our budget manager) to get a report on our current budget and bring to the next meeting.

Our Health and Safety Rep has undertaken her check around school with Ms Johnson (our Site Manager) and will be bringing her report to the next meeting.

The gardening team will be meeting on Friday to get the overgrown 'Peace Garden' back into shape, ready for Remembrance Day.

New purchases!


At our last meeting we talked about how wet the weather had been recently and that when we had indoor play times, we didn't have a lot of wet playtime games.

We looked through different catalogues and decided to order a new box of board games for each class to use. We also ordered a bag of tennis balls for each class to use at play times on the yard.

We also thought it would be a good idea to send a letter home to parents to see if anyone has any spare games that they would like to donate. 


Chad will be doing a health and safety walk with our new site manager Mrs Johnson and reporting back his findings at the next meeting.

The classes were pleased to have new tennis balls to play with at playtime

Wet playtime games have arrived!

Welcome to our new school council!


During the course of last week, children that wanted to stand for the position of school councillor,  prepared a short speech to present to their class, explaining why they would be good for this position.

Last Thursday, we all visited the polling station in school and used the ballot papers to cast our votes, it was exciting but nerve wracking at the same time!

The results were announced in assembly the next day.

Congratulations to all that secured a position and well done to all for having a go.


We meet every Thursday playtime in Fire Opal's classroom.

Mrs Martin supports the council and would love to hear from parents if they have any ideas that the school council could help with or ideas they could get involved with.

Many thanks.


New positions within the School Council team


At our first meeting,after the introductions, we decided on who would like to hold a special position within the team.


These are the children with special roles this term:


Health and Safety Rep - Chad

He will go on a monthly walk around school with Mrs Johnson, checking that all areas of school are safe.

He has forms that can be completed and given to Mrs Johnson if health and safety issues are brought up at the meeting or by children around school.


Treasurer- Tabitha

She will have regular meetings with Mrs Wilkinson to discuss our budget and report back to meetings.


Secretary - Thomas

He will write notes about what is discussed during the meetings.


Attendance Officer - Freya

She takes the register and lets us know if any year groups or reps cant attend.


Rewards - Sienna

She is in charge of the locker, where the behaviour rewards of small treats are kept.


Advertising Ruby/Archie/Luca

Advertising events / fundraising ideas/ competitions around school. 

ITV Text Santa Christmas Jumper Day


Continuing our support of a charity that raises funds for cancer this term. The School Council have decided to take part in the nationwide 'Wear a christmas jumper day' which will take place on Thursday 17th December to coincide with the school Christmas Dinner.


This is a fundraiser for Macmillan Cancer Support, Make a Wish and Save the Children.

Oliver Harrison wrote a super letter to send out to parents. The advertising team will begin to design posters to promote this around school. 

Cancer Research UK donation

Text Santa Christmas Jumper Day - 17th December

Christmas Jumper Day 17.12.15


What a huge variety of festive jumpers there were around school today! We all looked amazing!

As a school we managed to raise the grand total of £360 for Macmillan nurses.


Peace Patch Flag.

A school in Bedfordshire approached the school council about their plan to design a peace flag. This is to be displayed at the Olympics, to show school support for Peace and Olympic Truce. 

The flag is being put together by students with as many school logos on it as possible. We are delighted to know that our school logo will be represented somewhere on the flag! 

New Site Manager Interviews.


Last week some of the school council members were involved in creating some questions to ask the candidates who were being interviewed for the site manager's job.


These are the questions we came up with:

  1. Why did you choose our school?
  2. What skills or interests do you think you would bring to our school?
  3. As part of our behaviour reward system, children can make the choice to work with the site manager, it’s a very popular choice! Would you be comfortable with this and what sort of things would you do with children?
  4. If you saw a child that had not been picked up from school and was looking upset and anxious. What would you do?
  5. Health and safety is important at our school. How can help make sure that children are kept safe?


Amelia, Freya, Chad and Ruby then attended the interview and were able to ask the candidates their questions. Chad loved it and said it was great fun!

Mrs Mole said that the children were brilliant and carried out the role professionally. Well done - what a great experience to be involved in.

Fundraising news!


At our meeting this week, we decided that we would like to support a cancer charity up until Christmas.

We talked about different charities with our classes and have decided to get involved with 'Wear it pink day' to raise money for breast cancer.


Please see the lovely letter Tabitha wrote home to parents about it. She enjoyed photocopying the letters onto pink paper and delivering them around the school.


Over to the advertising team to design posters to publicise the event!

We all had a great day and raised over Β£400 today. Well done School Council for organising this event ! It's been a huge successπŸ˜€