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Take Care Champion


Take Care Champions


Every Friday a child will be chosen as the Bumblebees' Take Care Champion. These children will be chosen because they have displayed one of our Take Care Values. 

Friday 11th December


This week our Take Care Champion is Jessica! Jessica has been working hard to improve her writing and it is really starting  to show! This week she has written a great Newspaper Report all about the rescue of Ernest Shackleton's crew from Antarctica.  Well done Jessica! Keep up the hard work!

Friday 4th December

This week's Take Care Champion is Lewis! Lewis has taken care to produce a lovely piece of artwork based on the mountains and scenery of Antarctica. Well done Lewis, keep up the hard work!

Friday 27th November


Our Take Care Champion this week is Amber! Amber has worked extremely hard over the past 2 weeks to improve her handwriting and the quality of her writing. She will happily make changes and edit her work and she listens carefully to the advice she has been given to up-level her writing. Keep it up Amber, you're doing a great job! 

Friday 20th November


This week our Take Care Champion is Dario! Dario has done some lovely work for Anti-bullying week this week. He has also worked hard to improve his learning behaviour and kindness in school. Well done Dario, we can really see a big improvement, keep it up! 

Friday 13th November


Our Take Care Champion this week is Oscar! Oscar took a lot of care and time to produce a beautiful piece of Remembrance Day art. The artwork shows a young WW2 soldier on the left and then on the right hand side it is the same soldier years later as a Veteran. Well done Oscar, keep it up!

Friday 6th November 


Our Take Care Champion this week is Evie! Evie produced a beautifully presented piece of work all about the Human Eye and how it works. As well as writing clearly and fluently, Evie drew accurate labelled diagrams to support her writing. Well done Evie!

Thursday 15th October


Our Take Care Champion this week is Harry! Harry always works hard to improve and develop his writing in English lessons. Keep up the hard work Harry! 



Friday 9th October


Our Take Care Champion this week is Robbie! Robbie created a fantastic piece of work about Ancient Greek Warfare, specifically the Ancient Greek Warriors and their Warships. I especially liked his drawings and detailed labels. Well done Robbie! 

Friday 2nd October


This week our Take Care Champion is Josh! Josh always works extremely hard all day, in every lesson. He takes care of the classroom and he is happy to help get jobs done. Josh has also created a fantastic map of Camp Half Blood in English this week. He took care to add plenty of details to his map based on the video clip we had seen. Well done Josh!


Friday 25th September

Our Take Care champion this week is Luke! He has produced a beautiful piece of artwork in PSHE all about positivity and looking after our mental health. The work was based on the book 'The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse'. 

Friday 18th September 


Our Take Care Champion this week is Romana! Her resilience in maths has been fantastic; she never gives up even when she is finding it a bit tricky and she always has a smiley and positive attitude.  Well done Romana! 


Friday 11th September


This week Lewis is our Take Care Champion! Well done Lewis! 

Lewis wrote a fantastic description of the opening scene to Percy Jackson. He has started Year 6 amazingly with a great attitude to his learning.