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Take Care Champion

Friday 18th December 2020


The last Take Care Champion in our class of 2020 is Jasmine Sharp. Jasmine has been very close to getting Take Care Champion for a number of weeks as she always produces Take Care work across the curriculum. She has shown some great understanding in our bones and muscles topic, easily learning her numbers 1-10 in French, making great progress learning her times tables and writing a super letter in the Iron Man. Thoroughly deserved - Well done Jasmine!!

Friday 11th December 2020


Jake Cregg is our Take Care Champion this week. Jake showed a super attitude and determination throughout our Year 3 football competition and played really well for his team. His lead by example and inspired others around him. Super job Jake! 

Friday 4th December 2020


This weeks Take Care Champion is Libby-Ella. She has had a great week across the curriculum but she especially wrote a fantastic letter to the Iron Man. She used lot's of conjunctions in her writing to help her extend her sentences to make them more interesting to read. Well done Libby-Ella!  

Friday 27th November 2020


Our Take Care Champion this week is....Leo!

Leo has worked really well in Maths all week. He shown he has learnt his 2x and 5x tables and applied this to his work. Keep it going Leo!! 

Friday 20th November 2020


This weeks Take Care Champion is Riley Rowland-Fletcher. Riley wrote an amazing Take Care piece of writing on the first chapter of the Iron Man. His work is displayed in our classroom as 'Work to 'Bee' proud of'. Well done Riley!



Friday 13th November

This weeks Take Care Champion is...Evie.

Evie has worked hard recently to learn her times tables and now she is mastering her 5x times tables. Well Done Evie!! 


Friday 6th November
Our first Take Care Champion this term is....Ben!

Ben is consistently an all round Take Care pupil in everything he does. This week especially he has shown fantastic independent knowledge and understanding of addition and subtraction in maths. 


Friday 16th October 

Our final Take Care Champion of the term is Tilly Burroughs. She has only been a Kestrel for one term but she has shown she is a Take Care girl in everything she does. We will miss you!  


Friday 9th October


Jacob is our Take Care Champion this week. He has completed some fantastic work in maths particularly adding using the expanded method. Well Done Jacob!

Friday 2nd October 


Niah is our Take Care Champion this week. Over the last few weeks she has shown an improved Take Care attitude to her behaviour and work. Keep it up Niah!

Friday 25th September

This week our Take Care Champion is Mia-Paige. She has worked brilliantly all week in maths and has shown fantastic knowledge of place value. Well Done Mia-Paige!

Friday 18th September 


This weeks Take Champion is Khloe!

Khloe has shown amazing understanding of place value in maths all week. Great job!



Friday 11th September


The first Kestrel Take Care champion is Naomi! She wrote a fantastic description of a circus setting. Well done Naomi!!