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W/B 29th March

I’m missing you all, but looking forward to seeing you, back at school after the Easter holidays. This week you can choose which order you do your work in.

All of your work packs are at the school office for someone to collect for you, So below is an overview. Remember to get your grown up to email me or call school if you need any help.


  • 2 digit booklet
  • Book 3 - times tables
  • Fluent in Five
  • Times tables extra practise
  • Doubling worksheets
  • Halving worksheets
  • Teen colour by number


  • Flopsy has been to visit John Hunt – Choose a photograph each day and write words and sentences to describe where she is and what she’s doing.
  • Read through the Easter Story (2 PowerPoints) – Now use the story map to draw and write about the main events of the Easter story.
  • Some of you have some handwriting practice.
  • EASTER Poem – E= Eggs A= Amazing chocolate S= etc Think of your own word/s for each letter.
  • Chick – Cut and stick
  • Easter egg colouring

Have a lovely Easter!

Love from

Mrs Chapman

Hello my Year 4 Hive Bees,

Missing you already. 

Below is some Maths and English for Thursday and Friday. I will give you a call on Friday to make sure that you're ok.

Mrs Chapman has had a great big smile on her face since Mondaysmileylaughsmileylaughsmileylaugh.

I am really happy and excited to see you all on Monday 8th March. I have missed you all so much heart. I'll make sure that my treat box is well stocked with rewards for your amazing work yes

I am so proud of you all and the hard work that you have been doing at home x

A story for you to read and share about returning to school in March.

Have a look further down our page. There are some photographs of the amazing work that you've sent me. Can you spot any of yours?

Don't forget to collect your Home Learning Packs from school on Monday. heart

I am super proud of each and everyone of you. You are doing amazing! Keep up the good work. laugh

You are doing some amazing work! I'm so proud of you. Can you spot some of your work x Weeks 1-3

A letter for you x