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ELSA- Emotional Literacy Support Assistant. This is one of Mrs Chapman's roles within school.

In this folder, I will provide both for you and your family - challenges and sign post you to activities and websites to help you look after your Mental Health and Wellbeing. 



On your class pages, you will find your lessons and activities that have been set by your teachers. 


My work email is


Feel free to email me, if you have any questions or need directing for more support. Take Care of each other.


SUMMER CHALLENGE! Some activities for the summer holidays. From

ELSA support website - Washing your hands for 20 seconds.

The ELF who missed his Birthday Party - Nottinghamshire Educational Psychology Service

Be Kind to yourself. 5 Day Challenge from ELSA support

ELSA support- Fill in your own well-being diary

A Bucket Full Of Happiness - What would you put in yours? ELSA Support

June - A challenge a day.

ELSA-support. Bee here now! A story about Mindfulness

Track your mood. Rainbow Mood Tracker from ELSA support.

How do I explain to my children whats going on?

Below are 5 of the social stories from the elsa-support website, for you to share with your children. 

30 day Lego Challenge.

Lots more Lego challenges on this website.

A story sent in by Alexander. Friendship.