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Emotional Support and Wellbeing💕 Lockdown

ELSA- Emotional Literacy Support Assistant. This is one of Mrs Chapman's roles within school.

In this folder, I will provide both for you and your family - challenges and sign post you to activities and websites to help you look after your Mental Health and Wellbeing. 

My work email is

Feel free to email me, if you have any questions or need directing for more support. Take Care of each other.

A Social Story to share and read about returning to school in March.

Children’s Mental Health Week - 1st-7th February 2021.

This page is full of activities and ideas to support you emotional, mental health and well being. Immediately below though are some links of what you could do this week to support your own mental health.


Express yourself is this years theme.

Parents - One for you!

28 day calendar. An activity a day to help you express your thoughts and feelings. In PDF and PowerPoint.

A 5 Day Express Yourself Challenge

Fun in the snow! 14th January 2021.

Thank you for sending in your pictures. Can you spot yourself having fun or your snowman/woman/person. They are all absolutely fantastic!


Please follow the link below if you feel that you need some support. It takes you over to our parents emotional support page.
Lockdown 2021 - Some new activities for you and your children to share and complete.

5 Ways to Wellbeing


Wellbeing Week Daily Resources

Our Wellbeing characters are ready to teach pupils all over the country. Each day has a focus to help pupil’s wellbeing.

  • Mondays we look at being ‘mighty’

The focus is on bravery and confidence. Pupils will focus on that strength of character and will find ways to increase their confidence and bravery.

  • Tuesdays we look at being ‘thoughtful’

The focus is on being thoughtful and kind. How they can help others and think about other people’s feelings.

  • Wednesdays we look at ‘wishes’

The focus is on goals and wishes. How they can set a goal and reach that goal. How that will make them feel.

  • Thursdays we look at ‘thankfulness’

The focus is on gratitude and looking for those little things we appreciate. This will help their positive outlook on life.

  • Fridays we look at ‘friendship’

The focus is on friendship and how connecting with friends is important for their wellbeing. It will also look at qualities of friendship.

  • Saturdays we look at ‘self-care’

The focus is on looking after minds and bodies by doing things that make them feel good.

  • Sundays we look at ‘successes’

The focus is on celebrating their achievements that week. If you look hard enough there is always something to be proud of.

Click on the week, then the day to find today's activity laugh

A New 14 day Challenge for you 5/1/21

Although a lot of the activities below are from our previous lockdown. You can adapt them or just use them again.

14 day isolation (10 activities a day) Keep your mind healthy.

SUMMER CHALLENGE! Some activities for the summer holidays. From

ELSA support website - Washing your hands for 20 seconds.

The ELF who missed his Birthday Party - Nottinghamshire Educational Psychology Service

Be Kind to yourself. 5 Day Challenge from ELSA support

ELSA support- Fill in your own well-being diary

A Bucket Full Of Happiness - What would you put in yours? ELSA Support

June - A challenge a day.

ELSA-support. Bee here now! A story about Mindfulness

Track your mood. Rainbow Mood Tracker from ELSA support.

How do I explain to my children whats going on?

Below are 5 of the social stories from the elsa-support website, for you to share with your children. 

30 day Lego Challenge.

A story sent in by Alexander. Friendship.