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Walt: Understand Easter


What do you know about Easter? Can you remember how Christians believe that Jesus died on the cross? Why? Watch the videos below.


Many Christians believe that Easter is full of the signs of new life. Read the file about new life, perhaps you can read this to someone at home and tell them all about new life at Easter.

Print out using the cross using the outline file, or draw your own or you could even draw it outside if you can on the ground with chalk. (check with an adult first)

Then you can decorate, collage or paint your cross with all of the signs of new life. What could you use? Baby animals such as chicks, birds, lambs and rabbits, frog spawn, new flowers and trees growing- new buds on the trees. Perhaps you can draw the sunshine and blue skies as hopefully we will see more of this during the spring time. Remember to use lots of bright colours too. You can use anything which means new life.