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Walt: Use paragraphs


The children have being introduced to paragraphs but they will definitely need some more support on understanding the role of paragraphs more clearly. Therefore we are asking you to begin with the starter video which focuses on paragraphs for information reports. The Grammar activity will also link to paragraphs today to further support their understanding.


Then work through the power point and examples. Below you will find Bronze, Silver and Gold activity sheets to further extend their understanding. However, if you feel it would be more beneficial for your child to practice and draft their opening paragraph for their non-chronological report you may do so. If you are choosing to write your opening paragraph think about and question:


1. Read your paragraph to your adult. Does it make sense when read aloud?

2. Show your adult, can they see any sentences that do not start with a capital letter?

3. Can they see any sentences which don't end with a . or a ? or a !

4. Can your adult see any spelling mistakes?

5. Can your adult or you think of any better vocabulary choices or scientific vocabulary?

There are 2 sheets for Bronze (D), 2 sheets for Silver (E), 2 sheets for Gold (GD)