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Walt: Understanding what a good Samaritan is


The Good Samaritan

Have you heard of the story of The Good Samaritan before? What have you heard? Have you ever heard of someone being referred to as a good Samaritan? What do you think this means? (Talk about how the Samaritan helpline is a number to call if you ever need help or advice)


 Watch the video and read the story from the pdf file.


Perhaps you could read this story to someone at home. Who helped the traveller? Who didn’t? Why didn’t they help him? Discuss how this story teaches us that we should treat others how we wish to be treated ourselves and we shouldn’t judge someone solely based on their religion, culture or faith.

Imagine you are the traveller writing a thank you letter to the Samaritan. What could you say in your letter? Think about what the Samaritan did and why. What qualities did her show the traveller? How did you as the traveller feel? Remember to include lots of feelings and emotions and write in the first person as the traveller.