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Walt: Amazing people in the bible


Amazing people in the Bible


Many Christians believe that Jesus is the most amazing person in the Bible. Why do you think Christians believe this? Do you know of any Bible stories where Christians believe Jesus did amazing things called miracles?

Christians believe that Jesus could perform these miracles because he was God’s son and was full of the power of God.

Read through the file, perhaps you can read this to someone at home and tell them about the miracles that Christians believe Jesus performed.


Choose one of the miracles and pretend that you saw it happen. Write a letter (you choose who to) and tell them exactly what you saw in detail and how you felt? How do you think Jesus did it? What was the reaction of the other people who saw it to? For me to believe that you were really there you need to include lots of detail and emotive language- include your emotions and how it made you feel- shocked, scared, puzzled and curious.