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This term our topic has been 'The Scented Garden'. Below are a couple of activities that we didn't get chance to complete in class and some activities that will recap previous learning. Have a go at as many as you can! 



Activity 1 (Art)

  • Watch the story 'Van Gogh and the Sunflower' 
  • Work through the PowerPoint 'Van Gogh Information' 
  • Have a go at producing your own Van Gogh sunflower art using any style you like e.g. paint, crayons, pencil, chalk, fabric (ideas - google 'Van Gogh sunflower art KS1)


It would be great if I could see your art work. Just take a picture of your art and email it over. I would love to display them on our 'Home Learning Page'. Simply use the address: 


A lovely art idea!


Activity 2 (Art and Science)

Could you design your own garden? What would you include in your garden? I would include a fence, tree house, vegetable patch, patio, lots of bright plants (sunflowers), grass, a water feature and a bird table. Use the template provided or draw your own on paper. Have a look on the internet for ideas. If you have the resources at home you could make you garden in a box using card, crayons and other materials such as stones and soil. Look at the examples below for inspiration.   


It would be great if I could see your garden designs. Just take a picture of your gardens and email them over. I would love to display them on our 'Home Learning Page'. Simply use the address:


Garden Ideas

Activity 3 (Science)

  • Draw a flower and label the different parts (leaf, stem, roots, flower, petal)
  • Write a sentence about each part of a flowering plant 


Activity 4 (Science)

  • Draw the life cycle of a flowering plant


Activity 5 (Science)

  • Discuss what a flowering plant needs to grow
  • Draw a picture to demonstrate your understanding 


Use the resources below for support

Just for Fun!
Below are a few extra activities I have found. Which would you like to have a go at?