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Art Activity 1

This week I would like you to get crafty! 


Have a go at making something fantastic. Your take care homework flowers were so beautiful that I think you should make something similar for your own homes. Use 'Spring' as your inspiration and click on the links below to make something wonderful. Have fun!

Art Activity 2


Watch the following clip about the artist Van Gogh. You can then work through the PowerPoint and think about how you could recreate your own 'Sunflower' piece of artwork. You can use whatever you can find - crayons, pens, paint, fabric! 

Art and Science Activity 3


What does your garden at home look like? Can you make some notes about what you have? Grass, a fence, patio perhaps? Now it's time to design your own. What things could you include? You could think outside the box and have a herb garden, a vegetable patch or a greenhouse. You can use the template to design your own garden or just use paper if you don't have a printer. Remember to use take care drawing and colouring. Once you have drawn it use labels to explain what each section is.


Challenge: Can you make your own garden? Maybe you could use an old shoebox and recreate your design inside! Here are some examples to help you. 




Extra Activities

Seed Germination

Rewatch this video that taught us all about seed germination!