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For Topic this week our focus is Electricity. In the smart document it includes:

  • What is electricity?
  • Electric appliances 
  • Electric circuits
  • Drawing electric circuits
  • Conductors and Insulators 
  • Facts and challenge questions



In this smart document you will find your lessons clearly set out for each day. Part one covers Monday and Tuesday part two is Wednesday-Friday. Both documents include videos of examples, images to support understanding and instructions throughout of how to use the document. This smart document includes everything thus nothing will need to printed out. If you do not have the Smart product it is free to download on any windows or mac devices by using this link


R.E - Hinduism

Before Easter you had been finding out about Hinduism. Have a look at the clips below and then try some of the activities :

  • Creating your own god
  • Creating a Rangoli pattern with rice
  • A leaflet or information sheet about Hinduism

Useful websites

Art - Investigating Patterns

As a mini art topic at home we would like you to investigate patterns around us. Look out for lots of different patterns around your house and garden and sketch them in your work books.