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Before we start our next Topic, we wanted to finish our Egyptian topic by having a quick look at another country in Africa. 

The choice is yours! You can choose any country in Africa and complete some research about that country. 

Create a fact file about that country- you could tell us: the location of that country, which countries border it, what its flag looks like, which animals come from that country, any famous physical features in that country such as mountains, waterfalls or rivers. Make it as interesting as you can!


Once you have created your country fact file, we would like you to research what significant historical events have happened in this country? Why are these events significant? How does their history differ to ours? What other similarities and differences can you find between the History of 2 very different countries! 



Also, have a look at these pictures to see how you could create an African style mask using cardboard. They look really good!

In the attachments below, you can find some more science experiments that you could try at home and a few examples of fact files about Kenya, which might help with creating your own fact file!


Have fun!



Our new science topic is Living Things and their habitats. As part of this topic, you will compare the different life cycles of different animals. This week, we would like you to create a poster explaining the life cycle of a mammal. Choose any mammal you like- try to choose something nobody else will! You can set out your poster in any way you like, be creative! 


To help with your research, we have attached a PowerPoint and a poster about the life cycle of a mammal. 

If you have not already seen the book; Coronavirus, A Book for Children then please click here


If you scroll down you can view the digital copy of the book, which helps to explain coronavirus for primary aged children and might answer some questions that the children might have!