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The theme for this week is... TOWERS


Activity 1

Great Towers from Around the World (Geography)

  • Which country are these great towers from?
  • Find where the different towers are located and either record your answers as a list or cut and stick the images onto a map



  • CN Tower in Toronto
  • Big Ben and Shard in London 
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa in Pisa
  • Eiffel Tower in Paris 
  • Skytree in Tokyo

Activity 2

Build a Tower (Art and Design)

  • Build a tower using materials found in the outdoor environment
  • Use stones, sticks, logs and earth to build a tower as tall as possible
  • Name your tower and take a photograph


Activity 3

How high can you go? (Maths)

  • Stack sugar cubes (or other objects of your choice)
  • Measure the height of your tower using standard units (cm)
  • Try and build a taller tower - Could you improve the design using a wider base for example? 
  • Could you have a competition with your family to see who can build the tallest tower? 
  • Record your results in a table - create your own or use the template below
  • Take lots of photographs and email them in


Activity 4 (Optional)

Local Walk (Geography)

  • Take a walk around your local area to locate any high points including towers, chimneys and other tall structures
  • Record your findings in anyway you like - simple sketches, photographs/collage, make your own map and record their location
  • Where would be the best place to keep Rapunzel? 
Extra Activities