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Week beginning: 4th May 


This week are still continuing with our work on WW2. 


This week we would like you to research Anne Frank, below we've set out a few activities for you to do throughout the week. You have activities for Monday - Thursday as on Friday we would love you to create some bunting, see below for some extra detail. 



Day 1 - Create a timeline of Anne Frank’s life during WW2. Use this website to help you:


Day 2 - Research and take notes. Who were the main people in Anne’s life and why were they important? Did she have help
from other people?


Day 3 - Create your own portrait of Anne Frank, see the images below for some inspiration. 




Day 4 - Write a letter to Anne Frank and explain how our situation at home now is similar to hers. We
have to stay home just like she did. Tell Anne about your time at home and explain that we
are staying home to keep safe.



Please send in some of your work to

We would love to see how you get on 



On Friday 8th May, it will mark 75 years since VE Day as the United Kingdom remembers the end of war in Europe. 


Celebrating VE day will be slightly different due to us being in lockdown, however, we can still celebrate it at home where we are safe.

What is VE Day? 

VE Day (Victory in Europe Day) is the day on which Allied forces formally announced the surrender of Germany, which brought the Second World War to a close in Europe.The military surrender was first signed on May 7, but a slightly modified document with the final terms was signed on May 8 in Berlin. Celebrations immediately erupted throughout Britain and more than one million people celebrated in the streets. In London, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth appeared on the balcony alongside Prime Minister Winston Churchill.



'Great British Bunting'


We would love you to create some 'Great British Bunting', this would look brilliant hung outside of your home and would be sure to bring a smile to everyones faces as they walked past your house. 


See the link below for inspiration, it will give you all the instructions you need to get started using any paper, cereal boxes, string, ribbon, sweet wrappers, felt pens, poster paint you have or whatever you can find.

You can decorate your bunting with pictures of whatever inspires you, whether it’s those who fought on the frontline or worked hard on the Homefront, or whether it’s a celebration of enduring peace or your own personal hero.


Extra VE Day activity ideas

Attached below is a document with lots of ideas on how you can celebrate VE day at home, it shows how you can improve your knowledge on VE day as well as some recipe ideas, carrot scones anyone? Perhaps you'd like to cook a few recipes for your family. You could perhaps make a menu and serve an afternoon tea for your family.  Lastly, there are some games that you could try out. 


We'd love to see pictures of your celebrations.

Enjoy and stay safe.