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As I'm sure you know, this week is the 75th anniversary of VE Day. Lots of people all over the country will be celebrating on Friday! Below is a PowerPoint that will tell you all about it. Once you have read about VE day we would like you to have a go at the following activities: 


-Create some Union Jack bunting to decorate your home and display a Union Flag in your window. 


-Have a go at making some wartime recipes! Think about how they are different to recipes we follow today. For an extra challenge you could make it in the same way they did in 1945! There is one attachment below with some recipes, but take a look at this website as well:


-Research which foods were rationed in 1945 and create a party menu perfect for VE day. 


-Create a poster all about peace to display in your window. Think about how we can remember the past and how we can build a peaceful future together. Think about what peace looks like and the actions we can do everyday to achieve this.


-Have a VE day party! Get dressed up in 1940s clothes, listen to and learn some 1940s songs  and mayve even learn some 1940s dances!


Lots of people, including people in Newark, will be having a garden party on Friday to celebrate- this could be a perfect opportunity for you to display some of your work from the above activities!


We have also attached some other activities you could do to celebrate VE Day. You might even think of another way to celebrate that we haven't thought of! We can't wait to see some photos of your celebrations!


If you do have a printer, there are some good resources on this website that can be printed to help celebrate:




Click on the image below for a video explaining all about VE Day. There's also some additional information below the video- on the website. 
Lots of the images are from the Imperial War Museum- where we visited in September!


By clicking on the image below, you can visit another fantastic website! There are quotes from Churchill's speech on 8th May 1945, as well as a recording of part of his speech! Make sure you take a look- it is such a massive day in history! Perhaps you and your family could learn the song that the people are singing- Land of Hope and Glory (


Another fantastic website to help teach about VE Day is the Royal British Legion's website. They are encouraging everybody to take part in a 2 minute silence at 11am on Friday to honour the service and sacrifice of those who fought in WW2. On their website, you can also find a link to a live stream, a UK wide singalong to Vera Lynn's We'll Meet Again and their learning pack (including a party menu template which you might find useful!)






To continue our  Science Topic, Living things and their habitats, this week we would like you to create a poster explaining the life cycle of an Amphibian. Some of you might have frogs visiting your gardens, you could take pictures of them to include in your poster!

Once you have created your poster, we would like you to compare the three life cycles we have looked at (mammals, birds and amphibians) You could create a comparison table of similarities and differences or even write a paragraph, it's up to you!


To help with your research, we have attached a PowerPoint and a poster about the life cycle of an Amphibian. 


I was very surprised to see a frog in my garden a couple of weeks ago! He was very small but moved/hopped very quickly!! 



Have a look at this painting by Salvador Dali. Think about how he uses clocks in his painting. Can you find any other artists that use clocks in their art work?



Have a try at sketching different clocks yourself by using the images attached below or any other images you like!

Once you have practiced sketching some clocks, we would like you to create your own painting with the theme of time. We are intrigued to see what you come up with!