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This week, we would like you to think about the future! We would like you to use mixed media to create a collage that reflects your hopes and dreams for the future. Before you create your collage, collect and explore some different ideas you would like to incorporate and maybe do some quick sketches to plan your collage.  

You can use anything you like to create your collage, you could even write some sentences about your hopes and dreams to include. 

Below are some examples of mixed media collages to give you some inspiration - we can't wait to see what you produce!


To continue our  Science Topic, Living things and their habitats, this week we would like you to create a poster explaining the life cycle of an Insect. 

Once you have created your poster, we would like you to compare the 4 life cycles we have looked at (mammals, birds, amphibians and insects) You could create a comparison table of similarities and differences or even write a paragraph, it's up to you!

To help with your research, we have attached a powerpoint and a poster about the life cycle of an Insect. 


Tuesday 12th of May is International Nurse Day- a day to mark the contributions of nurses to our society. Why 12th May? 12th of May is when Florence Nightingale was born many years ago. She was born on 12th May in 1820. This week, we would like you to complete some research and work about Florence Nightingale.


Here are a few links that can give you lots of information about Florence Nightingale and her life. There is also some extra information in the PowerPoint attached. You can also find out more by watching a video by clicking on the image below:



Useful links


Using all of the information above, we would like you to create a fact file about Florence Nightingale. There is lots of information in the links above, explaining all about different aspects of her life! How you present your fact file is up to you- it might be a more formal fact file, a poster, a mind map, a time line, it might have lots of images or it might not have any! However you choose to present yours is fine, as long as it has lots of important information.


Once you have completed your fact file, your next job is to compare the work of Florence Nightingale to that of modern day nurses. How is their work similar? What is different about their work? Why are nurses important? How have their uniforms changed? What do nurses do now that Florence Nightingale believed to be so important?


Don't forget to send us your finished work! Perhaps some of you could share your thanks and appreciation for the work that nurses do in your own way as well!


This week is Christian Aid Week. As you know, we are a Take Care School and encourage everybody to take care of others and their world. If you think back to when we visited Southwell Minster, some of us got to meet a lady who has done a lot of work with Christian Aid! Here are a few activities to help explore what Christian Aid is all about:


What do you think of when you hear the word charity? Talk to the people in your house and try to think of a definition. 


A charity is an organisation that aims to help someone or something.


What do charities do?

Why do people need charities?

Do you think they are important?


Have a look at some different charities that work in Britain and think about who might need their help and why. 



-What do you know about Christian Aid?

-Christian Aid started after the Second World War, in 1945.

-Christian Aid works in around 50 of the poorest countries all over the world.

-Christian Aid helps in emergencies around the world like earthquakes and floods, but also works all year round to fight poverty.

-Christian Aid’s aim is to end poverty altogether.

-Christian Aid works with people of all religious backgrounds and none.


Click on the image blow to have a look at the global explorer page to find out where Christian Aid work and how they help! If you click on the tab at the bottom, there are some quizzes you can take too! 



Finally, I have also attached an activity sheet below for you to have a look at!