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The theme for this week is... Problem Solving!



The three little pigs are sick and tired of the big, bad wolf pestering them and knocking down their houses. They have asked if you could help build them a safe fortress that will protect them from him... and from any other predators!


The fortress will need to have a look out tower, a drawbridge, a moat and secret escape tunnel - just in case!



Follow the steps below in order to produce your fortress! 

Step 1

  • Watch the tale of 'The 3 little Pigs' 
  • What is the problem with the little pigs' houses? 

Silly Symphony - The Three Little Pigs

Step 2

  • Talk about what the key features a safe 'piggy' fortress might need to have
  • Look at pictures of castles and forts to help you gather some ideas


Step 3

  • Design your fortress on a large sheet of paper 
  • Where possible label the key features


Step 4

  • Decide if you want to work inside or outside to build your fortress 
  • What materials are you going to use?
  • Make a list of the materials you will need - you could add the list to your design sheet
  • Collect your materials! 


Step 5

  • Use your plan to start building your fortress 
  • Why not enlist the help of some of your family
  • Take lots of photographs as you work

Step 6

  • Wow, Your fortress is complete!
  • Now use your fortress for play and storytelling
  • Use cut out characters to retell the traditional story or act our an alternative version
  • You could use the character templates provided or create your own using card and pegs for example
  • Why not ask an adult to video your story. I would love to see it!

Step 7

  • Create a display board all about your castle
  • You could display your planning and your fortress photographs
  • You could even include labels, captions or speech bubbles