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This week we've set you a few different tasks to have a go at, task 1 & 2 are new tasks, task 3 & 4 are the same as last week! 

Task 1: Research Charles Darwin

We would like you to research Charles Darwin and create a poster/leaflet all about him, for example, why is he famous? What did he discover? Where did he go on his voyage?

There is lots of information to find out about Charles Darwin, you can present this however you like. I've attached a couple of links below that may start you off on your research.


Task 2: Sketch/paint a picture of the HMS Beagle

Once you've done your research, you will find out a bit more about HMS Beagle. We would like you to either sketch or paint a picture of the HMS Beagle, you will have seen a variety of pictures when doing your research so you can choose any of those to base your sketch/painting on. There are some pictures below that may give you a bit of inspiration. We can't wait to see your sketch/painting, so send us a picture of it to










Task 3: Make a fossil

Last week, we set you a task of making your own fossil, if you haven't done this, we would love for you to have a go at this and send us in a picture of your completed fossils. I've attached the instructions below, enjoy! 


Task 4: Super scientists booklet!

Last week, we gave you a booklet full of different experiments for you to have a go at, we would love for you to continue with this, perhaps pick one and then send us in your results from this experiment. We've attached the booklet before, happy experimenting!