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This week we will be looking at different types of habitats.

Monday - Local Habitats

Watch the video clip about different habitats and then work though the PowerPoint 'Local Habitats'. 

What Is a Habitat? | Science Video for Kids

Complete any or all of the different activities below. Remember you don't need to print anything off. You could draw or write on paper.

Tuesday and Wednesday - World Habitats 

Watch the video clip about world habitats and then work though the PowerPoint 'World Habitats'. 

Habitats Of The World | Nature song for Kids | 4K | Appu Series

Activity 1

Have a go at sorting the animals into their correct habitat. Remember you don't need to print the resources off, you could just list he animals under the correct habitat on a piece of paper. 

Activity 2

Read the attached information sheets all about different world habitats. Pick your favorite habitat and draw and label the different plants and animals you would find there. Then write a number of sentences describing your chosen habitat. You can use the provided recording sheet or create your own on paper. 



Today, I would like you to pick a habitat and design your onw animal to live there. What habitat would you pick? I think I might pick a rainforest habitat and then design my own animal that could swing through tress! Think really carefully about your animal, making sure it is able to survive in your chosen habitat. I would love to see lots of your designs! I have attached a PowerPoint with pictures for support and a recording sheet if you wish to use it.