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This week you will be minibeast hunters.

Get ready to have lots of fun!


Activity 1

Minibeast Research (Science)

Watch the following video clips and explore the different websites to find out about minibeasts.

What is a minibeast?

10 Interesting Insects

Activity 2

Minibeast Hunt (Science)

Explore your garden or visit a local woodland, grassland or wetland to observe and identify minibeasts in their natural habitat. Before you explore discuss with an adult the different types of minibeasts you might expect to see. Once you start to explore you could record your findings using paper e.g. create a minibeast tally chart or take photographs and videos. You could always use the minibeast checklist below. Haw many can you find? 

Activity 3

Minibeast Sketching (Art and Design)

Draw detailed sketches of the minibeasts you discovered on your hunt. Look carefully at your photographs as you sketch using pencil. Make sure you add lots of tone, pattern and texture. You could create different drawings and colour them in using crayons or paint. Look at the colours carefully and take your time. 

Extra Activities