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This week will be Geography based we will be looking and discovering more about the continents in our world. Throughout the week you will discover how many continents we have, what size they are, the populations and the similarities and differences between them all. Allowing you to understand and journey around the world in 7 days!



Using the power point below we would like you to ask your self and understand what a continent is. By the end of this lesson we are hoping you are able to:

1. Name and locate the world’s seven continents and five oceans;
2. To use world maps, atlases and globes to identify the UK and its countries, as well as the countries, continents and oceans.


If you have access to the internet please use it to support your research and understanding. An atlas would be a really useful tool as well if you have one in your household. I will add on a visual map of the world to help laugh



Today you will be looking at the continents again and learning more about them and what surrounds them. Below is the power point, it may be useful to record facts as it will help further on in the week. Use this lesson to go over and make sure you know and can name the seven continents. The activity worksheet will support your learning and comes with some answers so you can check you got them all correct! All answers can be recorded on paper if you can not print off the worksheets.



Today we would like you to pick a continent to research. This will be to support Thursday and Fridays work of creating a power point, information leaflet or information poster. Today your focus will be finding out the main facts about your continent of choice. Include:

1. Name of the continent and why you are picking it

2. How many countries are in the continent

3. How big the continent is

4. Population

5. Special features i.e. rivers, lakes, mountains, forests, environments

6. Animals which live on the continent

7. Extra interesting facts


Resources below will help you begin your research.

Thursday & Friday


Over the next two days we would like you to use all your research and findings to create a power point, an information leaflet, fact cards or an information poster. In these pieces of work we would like to see titles, sub headings, images with captions, diagrams and even videos if you are creating a power point. Be as creative as you like and maybe take your theme from the continent you are representing. When you have finished your work we would love to see them. you could send us pictures of your work or email the power point to use directly!