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Below is an outline of your Topic work for the week.


Monday - Continue with your time capsule, remember to find somewhere to bury it. 


Tuesday - Create a COVID 19 poster, below is one that is in Lincoln, that is reminding people of what to do and how to keep safe. Think about where you might like to post it as it could be a good reminder for people! 




Topic work for the rest of the week is about classifying plants and animals.

To begin with you need to watch the following clip from You Tube and the clip attached from Espresso.


Once you have watched those, you will be completing some activities.

You need to do the mini beast classification task.

Then choose Bronze or Silver level for making your own key for other creatures.

After that, you are going to classify trees by using their leaves.

Begin by collecting some leaves from trees in your garden or go on a walk with an adult and collect some different samples.

Then use the different leaf ID sheets and fact files to help you identify which types of trees are in your locality.


Still image for this video