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This week you will be finding out all about local habitats!

Activity 1

Local Habitat Information (Science)

Work through the PowerPoint below. You will find out all about different habitats in our local area. 


Activity 2

Local Habitat Visit (Science)

Read the information sheets all about different habitats. If you get the chance, go on a walk around a pond habitat, urban habitat and a woodland habitat. Try and find examples of all the different animals and plants listed on the information sheets e.g. squirrel in a woodland habitat or a pigeon in the urban habitat. You could create a list and tick the animals and plants off or tally how many you spot. Why not take lots of photographs and create a collage of one of the different habitats! 


Extra Activities

Below are a few other activities if you fancy something extra. How about completing the word search or playing the habitat game with your family!