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This week we are doing lots of work based around Charles Darwin.

There is an online lesson to complete - a sheet is attached to tell you how to access it.

This is the outline table for you.

Monday - Complete the Journey through Life activity. Think of the key events that have happened in your life so far such as special birthdays or holidays. Not all of the things that have happened so far will be positive and this is natural so you can include these too. This can be done on plain paper. It would be nice to see some of these so please take a picture and email to us if possible.

Tuesday - Complete the online lesson from the Oak Academy.

Wednesday - Find some examples of flowering plants in and around your home.

Take one and observe it closely, thinking about how it looks and feels. Sketch the flower from different angles and add short labels to describe the different parts of the flower.

Thursday - 4 and 6-figure grid referencing. This is some map work. Watch the PPT that describes how to read grid referencing (you will not be doing the short activities that it mentions throughout the PPT). When you are confident, you can complete any 2 of the worksheets. If you are not printing them out (which is not necessary) there are just a few questions that you will not be able to complete as they require you to write on the sheet - just miss these ones out.

Friday - HMS Beagle. Look at the journey that Darwin took and the places he visited on pages 1 and 2 of the attached information sheets. Use google to try and find the distances between the places he visited and work out the total length of his journey.