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Monday – PSHE  

This lesson focuses on a current key topic of Black Lives Matter; this lesson is around creating hope for the future – a future that is not based on the colour of someone’s skin but the content of his or her character.

Follow this link to take you to the lesson and work through it.


Tuesday – Animal Kingdom

This lesson allows us to learn how living organisms are classified. You will learn about the 5 kingdoms and then you will focus on the animal kingdom.

Follow this link to take you to the lesson and work through it.


Wednesday – Constable & Turner

Over the next 3 afternoons, you are going to be looking at Constable and Turner.

Today we would like you to look at the links below and learn about both of these artists, we particularly want you to look at the landscapes of the Lake District that they did. Look at the different landscape drawings that they did.

At the very bottom of this page are some PPTs about each of the artists for you to have a look through and some images too.


Thursday & Friday – The Fun Part!!

We would like you to look again at the landscape paintings done by both Constable and Turner, looking at the different landscapes that they have painted.

Go through the PPT that is attached below to understand a bit more about landscape painting and how artists have done theirs and it gives you some little tips!

We would then like you to decide on a piece by Constable or Turner and paint this landscape, taking time to sketch it first before painting, if you don’t have any paint at home you could colour it instead as we are sure it’ll still look brilliant.

Once you have completed your landscape piece, please send us a picture of it! Remember to take care, it isn’t something to be rushed!

If you complete one by one artist perhaps you could do another by the other, try to do two different landscapes!