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This week you will be learning all about food chains.

Activity 1

Food Chains (Science)

Watch the following video clip and work through the different PowerPoints. What have you learnt about food chains? 

Science Farm - The Food Chain - KS1

Activity 2

Food Chains (Science)

There are two different food chain sorting activities attached below. Print off the sheets (if you can) and cut out the pictures. How many different food chains can you make? If you don't have a printer you could cut up some paper and either write the animals name on  or draw a picture. 

Activity 3

Food Chains (Science)

Create your own food chains using the resource below. Take care with the drawings of your animals. There are 3 different level sheets (*Bronze, **Silver and ***Gold). 

Activity 4

Food Chains (Science)

Have a go at making your own mini food chain concertina booklet.