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Week 16


This week we will be looking at using and developing our Music and PSHE knowledge. I have put links down this week for interactive video lessons. I hope you enjoy them!


Monday- Music


In this lesson you are going to be learning about pulse. You will clap the pulse to lots of different pieces of music from a variety of genres and also learn some songs!



I know you will all love this lesson, it is teaching you how to beat box! A lot of you use to do this in class anyway but now you will be able to learn some basic rhythmic patterns which will help develop your vocal skills. In the link below you will find an interactive video to watch and join in with and an additional worksheet to check your understanding. This worksheet does not need to be printed off and is in online slide form. After this their are some additional links to videos where classical and hip hop music are intertwined to enhance their beat boxing and how poetry and rhyme influences rap music.



Today you will be continuing your music learning and perfecting your singing in a scale and techniques to support your singing development. Again the lesson is in video form and interactive. I hope you enjoying learning about singing, I know I do! 



Today the children will be doing a PSHE lesson on racism and beginning to learn about the Black Lives Matter movement. It is important that your child learns about racism. They should learn what it is, how to identify it and what the long term effects are when it is allowed to carry on. This PowerPoint will help children to know how to tackle racism or discrimination appropriately, should they come across it in the playground, outside of school, clubs and social gatherings etc.

It also encourages them to think about their own behaviour and how this impacts significantly on others. 

This 'What is Racism?' PowerPoint will teach children about human rights, identity, people who have fought against racial discrimination and positive things that are happening to stop racism. Once you have gone through the power point we would like you to create a poster to show your solidarity and help educate others.




Today we will be continuing our PSHE and our understanding of the Black Lives Matter Movement. In the power point you will find lots of additional links if you feel you would like to educate yourselves further. The activity is included in the end of the power point.