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Sow, Grow and Farm



Until the summer holidays, we are going to begin to have a look at a new topic- Sow, Grow and Farm! It is a really nice topic and we should all enjoy some of the work- in school and at home!



To kick start the topic, read the information on the website below, all about allotments in the UK. Why do people have them? What are they for? What do they grow?


You can learn even more about allotments by reading through the document attached below! 


Once you have read all about allotments, have a look on the OS map. You should start by focussing in on the Balderton/Newark area. Look at where the allotments are located and the size of them. Compare this to the size and location of allotments in Birmingham or Leeds for example. What do you notice?



Looking at the food web above, answer the following questions:


Which predator eats the most varied diet?

What would happen in the allotment if the rabbit population increased?

What would happen if the allotment holder used pesticides that killed slugs?

Why would the allotment holder want to use pesticides?

Name three ways to make an allotment successful.

Identify two benefits of using loamy soil.

Explain what an allotment is.


Watch the video. Make sure you can identify all of the main parts of a flower! Below, is another document where you will find a diagram of a plant, showing the different parts of the plant. Try to use what you learn from the video to help you label the different parts. Can you also write a short description about the function of each part? Once you have finished, you can check your work against the example and answers! 

Why not continue learning about the different parts of a flower by dissecting a flower? Lilies or daffodils are good flowers to use! Here is a Youtube tutorial to help guide you: 



The final activity for you to have a go at is some sketching! There are so many flowers that you could choose from and there are also some good tutorials online to help you. You do not have to follow a tutorial- why not have a go at sketching a flower that you can see in your garden? Think about the techniques you might want to use and think about how you can include some shading!

Don't forget to send in any pictures of any work that you do! We really cannot wait to see what you get up to!