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Week beginning 6th July


There are a range of activities for you to complete this week.

You can do them in any order.


Human Evolution - read the information and complete the comprehension questions.

PSHE - Moving to Secondary school. Read through the BBC Bitesize page and watch the video clips. Link is as follows:

Once completed, write a list of the things you think you will need. Then, write a short biography including the things about you that you want others to know. Think about what you want your new teachers and friends to know about you.

Art - find an image of your favourite animal and sketch it. Once sketched, you can colour it in one of two ways - as it is in the picture you copied it from or go a little bit wild and use opposite colours to what it should be and make your artwork completely individual and unique.


Finally, watch and complete any transition tasks that may have been sent by your Secondary school.