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This week you will be learning all about healthy eating. 

Is your diet healthy? 

Watch the following video clips and visit the different websites using the links below to find out all about healthy eating. What have you found out? Discuss your findings with a family member.

Healthy Eating: An introduction for children

How to Create a Healthy Plate

The 5 Fabulous Food Groups

Below are a number of PowerPoints to work through. Have a good read and even try the sorting activities. I have also attached a number of different healthy eating activities. Feel free to complete as many as you like. Try and complete a range of activities, the weekly food diary is a nice one. Remember,if you don't have a printer you can copy your answers onto paper or draw pictures. 

Activity 1

Have fun playing this healthy eating board game with your family and friends.

Activity 2

Have a go at keeping a healthy eating food journal. There is an example and a template attached. Once you have completed your weekly journal you could complete the evaluation sheet which looks at the good things about your diet and ways in which you could make it better. 

Activity 3

Have a go at sorting the different foods. Which foods should you eat lots of, eat sometimes and eat a little bit of? 

Activity 4

Can you create a healthy meal? Remember two portions of vegetables, two portions of carbohydrates, one portion of protein and one portion of dairy. 

Activity 5

A little bit of colouring and a word search, enjoy!