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Sow, Grow and Farm


Read through the information in the image below- Farming in the UK. 

Once you have read the information, answer the questions below- make sure you use the text to help you!




Below, I have attached some still life images. What is a still life image? Have a look at the document below. You could also look at some other images on Google. Have a go at creating your own! Don't forget to show us what you get manage to create! You may just want to sketch yours, or you may choose to use watercolours or pastels for example!



Have a look at this climate zone map below:



How do you think the climate of an area might influence what can be grown there? Look closely at North and South America! What do you notice about these two continents? How will having such a vast difference in climate impact on their ability to farm?

 Have a go at completing the climate zone work sheet below- you might need a map (or Google maps!) to help you answer some of the questions!


This video might also help you: 


Think back to our Fair Trade work! Can you remember where some of the foods we looked at were grown? We looked at lots of foods- sugar canes, rice, mangoes, cocoa, bananas, oranges, tea and coffee etc. So, where do you think some of your food comes from? How do you think it gets here? 

Read through this information about the journey of a banana. 

Once you have read the information, we would like you to create your own piece of work showing the journey of a banana! You might want to create a comic strip, a piece of art or a piece of writing. However you create your journey of a banana is up to you. 


Don't forget to send us an email to show us the work you have completed. You have worked really hard so far so let's keep this up until the end- not long to go now!!